Tra le righe, all'ONU, c'è del buono

Prendo da Israellycool, un blog che sta seguendo gli eventi bellici
con molta attenzione.

Si nota acutamente che la risposta internazionale all'attacco
israeliano è stata molto più tenera di quanto ci si poteva aspettare.
Critica, ma con toni ben diversi di quelli che si sarebbero sentiti
qualche anno fa. Riporto il pezzo, è interessante.

7:10PM: Our Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman has stated
something which I have also noticed (and mentioned in my recent
podcast interview with SNN): the worm is slowly turning (my words, not
Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman noted on
Thursday that the international response to the Israeli actions in
Lebanon were much milder than expected.

He noted that in recent years there have been signs of a shift in
the international view of Israel, with more countries expressing
support of Israel.

When asked whether people were refraining from shaking his hand, he
replied that the other diplomats shook his hands and even patted him
on the back.

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