Le reazioni libnesi che non ti aaspetti (2)

Forse i libanesi, che li hanno in casa, li hanno capiti meglio di noi.

Ma insomma, non si vede proprio questa saldatura dell'opinione pubblica per la
"resistenza" di Hezbollah e contro Israele. Anzi, da quello che si capisce e da
altre reazioni (magari posto qualcosa di più organizzato domani) l'apparenza è
che chi non è per ragioni etniche/religiose legato al Partito di Dio (partito
perfettamente legale, ©Diliberto), se ne sia abbondantemente rotto le palle. E
non tema di accusarlo, giustamente, del conflitto in cui ha attirato il paese
con le sue criminali provocazioni.

E più duro colpisce la reazione di Israele, più ampie diventano le divisioni tra
pro e anti-hezbollah. Altro che "tutto il Libano perso".


The harder Israel hits Lebanon, the more the division grows among the Lebanese
public as well. While hard-core Hizbullah supporters celebrated in the streets,
other Lebanese were furious at being dragged into an open and costly
confrontation with Israel through a unilateral Hizbullah decision.

"I don't support Hizbullah's operation at all because it gives a pretext for
Israeli aggression on Lebanon," said Ibrahim al-Hajj, owner of a shoe shop in
the southern Lebanese village of Qleia. "As long as Hizbullah has its weapons
and acts according to its leader's whims, there is pretext for Israel to keep on
destroying Lebanon," said the 50-year-old Christian Maronite.

A taxi driver in Beirut kept up a tirade against Hizbullah as he drove through
the capital's near empty streets.

"Why did you do it now Sayyed Nasrallah?" he asked, refusing to give his name,
fearing repercussions. "Why now? Couldn't you have waited a couple of months?
Just two months until the tourists had left? Is this resistance? Ruining your

As in everything else in this country, the split was mostly along sectarian
lines, with Shi'ites largely supporting the Hizbullah action while Sunnis -
whose leadership turned largely anti-Syrian following the assassination of
former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri - Christians and Druse, largely opposed to
the group. But that divide is not clear-cut.

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