"Occupied Palestine"

Da un intervista di Nasrallah rilasciata a un giornale iraniano il 23 maggio

"We can hit Israel's entire northern region with thousands of rockets... All of
Israel is now within the range of our missiles. Its seaports, [military] bases,
industrial plants and everything else are all within our range... I repeat and
say that our stockpile of weapons is significant, both in quantity and in
quality... Another advantage that I wish to mention is the geography of Lebanon
and Palestine. Most of Israel's vital areas are concentrated in the northern
[half] of occupied Palestine, while the south is uninhabited and desolate. More
than two million Jews live in the north of occupied Palestine, which contains
the recreation centers and [tourist] resorts, the industrial plants, the
agricultural [areas] and the important military airports and bases. This is an
advantage for us... Our presence in South Lebanon, in proximity to the north of
occupied Palestine, is our greatest advantage..."(4)

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