Gaza: niente crisi umanitaria

Il valico di Karni

I di Karni ed Eretz sono aperti a numerosi convogli umanitari.
Dalle dichiarazioni del portavoce IDF:

"Despite ongoing terror attacks from Gaza aimed at the civilian population in Israel, and as part of the IDF's commitment to minimize the damage to the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip, the following supplies were transferred today through the Erez, Karni and Nahal Oz crossings:

"Over 30 containers and 140 trucks containing: - 1080 tons of various grains - 800 tons of sugar - 140 tons of dairy products - 520 tons of flour - 420 tons of fruit - 169 tons of oil - 120 tons of salt - 160 tons of rice - 40 tons of eggs - 100 tons of meat and fish products - 7 trucks containing medicines and medical equipment - several heavy duty generators - 25,000 liters of chloride - 350,000 liters of diesel - 50,000 liters of petrol - 100 tons of cooking gas

"It is important to note that the water and electricity supply from Israel to the Gaza Strip remains uninterrupted."

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