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Da Beirut Spring

It really all depends on how you frame the situation.

Let's think of today's demo this way: It's the day we get the chance to play President Lahhoud. Call it the Halloween of Lebanese politics.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, thousands and thousands of people will be chanting for us to leave, they will shout, scream, pull their hair, knock their heads on walls, cry foul, call injustice, evoke unconstitutionality, and we'll simply ignore them with a dry "Sanioura baken li akher wilayatahou" (Sanioura will stay till the end of his term)

At the end of the day, they'll get tired, they'll get bored and they'll slowly wither away and go back to their houses, universities and shops.

Yes, today is our day.

While we sit comfortably in our houses with our Lebanese flags hanging on our windows, we give them a taste of their own obstinacy.

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