Ma l'altra parte chi è?

Ovviamente, la Siria. Tutti sanno che è, insieme all'Iran, lo sponsor di Hezbollah. Ma nessuno crede al diritto e alla possibilità di affrontarla in un cinfronto armato.

If the air force buzzed Syrian President Bashar Assad's summer palace after
Hamas killed two soldiers and kidnapped Gilad Shalit two weeks ago, then one
could expect the IAF to level the palace - and more - after Hizbullah killed
seven soldiers and captured two others. Syria, after all, is - together with
Iran - Hizbullah's sponsor.

Mere rethoric
Incidentally, this is a neat little example of just how surreal Middle East
diplomacy has become: (a) everyone openly admits that for all intents and
purposes Lebanese policy is what Syria wants it to be and (b) everyone openly
admits that Hezbollah is backed by and takes its order from Syria. Yet everyone
goes around busily pretending otherwise, lest someone point out the obvious:
that the little fantasy world of international law - where Arab countries
actually obey the rules that they hysterically (and usually falsely) accuse
Israel of violating - is not just disconnected from, but is very close to the
opposite to, reality.

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