Faccia feroce, offerta di pace

Sul discorso di Bashar Assad, oggi.
Secondo questa lettura, il vero scopo è parlare di pace con Israele.

You can’t shoot at everyone when you’re as weak as the Syrians. Where’s the catch?


Bashar is simply listening to his friend Ahmadinejad’s advice: “listen buddy.
With the Americans and Israelis, the stronger you are, the noisier you are, the
more attention you will get.”

Mr. Assad uttered the word “peace” at least 10 times in his speech. One
political analyst said that Assad was emboldened by the many voices in the
American commentariat who are calling for Bush to talk with the Syrians.

The Israelis got the message. Emir Peretz, the Israeli Defense Minister
suggested today that one of the outcomes of this war could be diplomatic talks
with Syria.

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Questo è il discorso in inglese, giusto? E quello in arabo?

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quello che stavo cercando, grazie

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imparato molto

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good start