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La settimana scorsa la Lega Araba ha pubblicizzato il piano di rompere l'embargo contro il governo Hamas.

Secondo la Reuters il piano è già fallito. Nessuna banca del mondo è disposta a correre il rischio di perdere il proprio business negli USA, paese nel quale le attività di Hamas sono dichiarate terroristiche.

Arab governments have yet to find a way to transfer money to the Palestinian Authority without running into U.S. and other reprisals against the banks they use, a senior Arab diplomat said on Monday. Asked if the ministers had adopted any practical mechanism to transfer funds and help banks escape possible sanctions, the diplomat said: "No ... We will have to work further on this issue." "The issue is not limited to the transfer of funds, there are all kinds of difficulties ... The government of Israel has all kinds of controls over the licensing (of banks). It is a difficult one," he told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

An Arab political source said Arab banks can at least transfer the money in Jordanian dinars through Jordanian banks to avoid sanctions. "The Jordanian dinar is widely used in the Palestinian territories and banks would not need to go through New York to transfer money in this currency."

"But this needs a bold political decision away from any affiliations with U.S. policy," he said.

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