"Se fossi in Francia sarei processato come i negazionisti"

Da un articolo del Dr. Muhammad Al-Habash sul giornale del governo
siriano, il miglior elogio mai offerto a MEMRI


"There are at least 100 Arab satellite channels, and 100 Arab TV
stations. The number of radio stations is twice that, and the number of
newspapers, five times that number. And all this is just an estimate.


"But the Zionist MEMRI center does not only count them, it even monitors
them word by word and collects them, according to the principle of 'Not
one uttered voice should be left without a monitor ready to translate
it.' Then MEMRI brings up this information to decision makers, and
distributes it, in a different version, to other readers and [all] those


"If We Were in France Now, We Might Well Have to Stand Trial, Just Like
Roger Garaudy When He Cast Doubt on [the Truth About] the Holocaust"


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